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...Charlene is a outstanding clinician, mentor, and colleague. She will take her time to understand her clients’ worldview and meet them where they are at, while providing cultural competency that is specific to her clients’ needs. Charlene has skills in individual therapy, group therapy, and crisis intervention, in addition to her advanced education in behavioral medicine and public health. Her trauma-informed care approach is evident in the way she interacts with each client, being cognizent that we all experience various degrees of trauma and are at various levels of recovery. Charlene never pushes her own agenda on people and works in collaboration with others to help foster autonomy and empowerment. I would absolutely endorse Charlene’s counseling services to the private practice sector.
— Tessa Ritchie, PCCI (San Diego, CA)

Charlene is not only wise but insightful and adroit in handling sensitive situations. Under her expert guidance, I have found a supportive voice.
— R. K., Assisted Living Administrator (Los Angeles, CA)

...Her ability to work with diverse populations without prejudice, maintain an unwavering integral ethic, all the while reassuring and holding each client with respect, empathy, and genuine support is unparalleled to others. I highly recommend Charlene for whatever psychosocial stressor one might be facing.
— Michael Cassidy Gallagher, LCSW (Quincy, MA)

I became acquainted with Charlene through my own work as a Yoga Instructor. From the perspective of a heart-centered professional, I can attest to Charlene’s compassionate nature which allows her to listen deeply and through this listening offer effective personalized support. Charlene’s impressive educational background, her love of travel, and overall openness contribute to her effectiveness as a counselor for a wide range of individuals.
— Nina Hayes, Yoga Instructor & Vegan Chef (Santa Monica, CA)

Charlene is a provider I highly recommend to see for individual counseling. She is what I call a professional. Her preference is adults but she is also able to service adolescents, covering various topics such as depression, anxiety, medical co-morbidities, stress management, dual diagnosis, trauma, grief, mindfulness meditation, DBT, CBT, and cultural issues. Her specialty list goes on. Charlene is highly qualified and takes pride in her work. She is well equipped to handle various types of clinical services, and her work ethic shows tremendously in her client care and service to the community.
— April McRae, Senior Administrator & Patient Service Coordinator (Quincy, MA)

I have directly supervised Charlene Chow clinically for several years. Based on that experience, I would feel very comfortable and confident referring any of my family members or other loved ones to her clinical practice.
— William Zella, PhD (Weymouth, MA)

I have known Charlene for 20 years, and she is a warm, compassionate, and skilled therapist. She brings a positive energy and smart perspective to help her clients feel better. She is passionate, and always seeking opportunities to learn more about how she can better help her clients. I would highly recommend her therapy services.
— Jennie L., LMHC (Los Angeles, CA)

Charlene is an outstanding clinician and more than capable of helping anyone with their dilemmas, be they day-to-day or more uncommon. She is personable, friendly, and warm, yet also able to introduce you to a range of therapeutic techniques with professional accuracy. Charlene has personally helped me better diagnose what my struggles in life are and how I can go about overcoming them. She will do the same for you.
— C.T. (Orange County, CA)