Terms & Policies



Appointments for office, phone, or elder visit sessions can only be made after your initial phone consultation. If you haven't yet had your complimentary 10-minute phone consultation, please click here to schedule that first. Once you have had your complimentary consultation, we can proceed to schedule your first visit. Initial sessions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. If you have already spoken to me by phone or email, and we agreed upon a time and date, rest assured your reservation is secure and will not be cancelled barring severe and sudden illness on my part or inclement weather conditions.



In the event of severe and sudden illness, unexpected accidents, or inclement weather, I would appreciate notice of intent to cancel 24 hours in advance of your appointment. This is to allow other clients who may be on waitlist the opportunity to schedule with me, as well as to allow me adequate time to prepare accordingly.

Please note, in case of severe inclement weather, I will do my best to preemptively reach out to cancel and reschedule appointments if I foresee travel conditions becoming unsafe. Any returning or regular client is welcome to schedule a phone session in lieu of an office session in that event. Likewise if you do not hear from me but feel unsafe traveling out in a Noreaster or blizzard for your office session the next day, you are welcome to call me and initiate the request to have a phone session instead.



My office occupies a shared suite which I will keep open for clients during regular business hours. You will not need to "check in" with anyone upon arrival. Simply have a seat on one of our many couches or chairs, grab some water, flip through some of our many reading materials and make yourself comfortable; I will come greet you when it's time for our session.



My office occupies a shared suite which I will keep open for clients during regular business hours. A gender-neutral restroom is available for your use in our suite, as well as a water bubbler and any number of reading materials. Please exercise respect and courtesy in public spaces, and be aware that I am not the only practicing psychotherapist in the suite. 



Please note that there is no elevator access to suite 23. My office is located on the 2nd floor ascending one flight of stairs from ground level. While there is a handrail, clients with physical disabilities may wish to discuss with me first if stairs are a significant concern. Your safety is always my priority, and stairs need not necessarily be a barrier to us working together. I am happy to work with you to try and arrange alternate accommodations for our first meeting, so feel free to contact me in advance of your first appointment with questions or concerns, and we'll take it from there.